Writing Superstars!

Writing Superstars!

Well done to Oliver P and Lucas F for gaining second places in the Harpenden Writers Competition. We are told the standard was extremely high which makes this achievement even more impressive.  Read their winning stories here.



Fading Daylight

She sat, alone, on the rocky outcrop, and stared daggers at the fading daylight.  It was a journey she did not want to endure, a family she did not want to forgive.  She knew that once the sun dipped below the horizon, she would have to begin.  She glanced down and saw the white horses galloping through the blue-green water on their sprint to the shoreline.


She got to her feet, her only friend by her side.  Turning to face the silk moon, her boots kicked up the red dust as she began to walk.  She stepped over the bone dry bushes and looked up at the starry sky.  She wondered which way she should walk.  Suddenly, she realised that she did not know the way to her destination.  Slipping the lock off her worn, leather satchel, the girl felt inside for the letter.  The old slip of paper had been given to her by a stranger who’s face she did not remember.  As she unfolded it, the girl started to read:


To My Daughter,

If you seek answers to why we have left you here, I beg you not to.  But, if you must, I will tell you why.  Just follow the North Star until you arrive at the place where the sun shines on green leaves.

Go, my daughter, and find the answers.


The name at the end of the letter had been scratched off by constant dust storms.


Now fuelled by hope, the girl broke into a run.  She kept the North Star straight ahead of her and every few minutes, glancing at her only companion, she kept running forward through huge ravines and over dried up lakes.


After a while, a shack came into view.  She stopped in the doorway and looked at the spot of light shining through the window onto a jar of green leaves.

“I’ve been expecting you,” a voice said.

Dragon Attack!


The crashing of the crystal clear water was penetrating and making my ears ring. Swaying merrily the cool breeze were the fragile emerald leaves which were connected to the majestic trees. Rarely, there is no sound. Most of the time I can hear the relentless tweeting of the chirpy birds and the fast flowing water bouncing from rock to rock. As I adventure into the gloomy forest I trample over dry, crisp leaves and damp mossy rock. The shining sun warms my face whilst the whistling wind ruffles my hair. An icy shiver runs down my back. Something was not right. With each step I take I feel even more tense for not knowing what was on the other side of this breath taking view. I can taste my own dread on my acid tongue. My heart is pounding as hard as a lion trying to break out of its cage.

Suddenly, I see it, thinking it is my own shadow, but no, it couldn’t be because of its burning red eyes and the slightly tilted head. It was a dragon. Slowly, I back away with the dragon eying me all the way. Without warning, the untrustworthy dragon pounces at me like an angry cat, revealing row upon row of sharp savage teeth. Luckily it missed me. The dragon, now falling at speed, CRASH! It hit the happy water with tremendous force. The hit puts me off balance sending me plumiting towards the water. Was this the end?

No it wasn’t. I grab onto some ancient crumbling rocks but my weight set them tumbling into the water. As I hit the water my face burns. I manage to see blurred trees before the world seems to change. As I open my eyes, I see a familiar place, my room. I had survived the dragon attack. Luckily it was just a dream. 

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