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Beech Hyde Association

All parents automatically become members of the BHA when they join the school community. The BHA are extremely active and hard-working and they organise various functions throughout the year. These events raise money enabling the BHA to provide equipment that might not otherwise be available to the school.

Educational Visits

Educational visits are an important part of pupils’ experience and are designed to enrich particular aspects of the curriculum. They are planned to complement and reinforce topics. The school also regularly welcomes visitors into school to further enhance learning. Visits vary from places in the locality such as the library, St Helen’s Church, Devil’s Dyke to further afield including residential trips for children in year 6.

Extra Curricular School Clubs

Beech Hyde has a strong commitment to helping children develop interests beyond academic work. A varied range of extra-curricular activities are organised by enthusiastic staff to provide additional opportunities which extend children’s experiences. The children are expected to make a commitment to the activity and attend regularly.

During the last year activities have included:

Athletics, Football, Art and Craft Clubs for KS1 and KS2, Netball, Dance, Choir, Beginner and Advanced Ocarina, Beginner and Advanced Recorder, Musical Theatre, Rounders, Tag Rugby, Photography, Radio, Cross Country and Gardening Club.

Inclusive Provision

Within each class work is differentiated to suit the needs of the individual child. Inclusive provision includes learning difficulties, sensory impairment, physical difficulties, behavioural and emotional problems as well as meeting the needs of the especially gifted and talented. The staged approach of the Code of Practice for the identification and assessment of Special Educational Needs operates within the school. Once a difficulty is identified, provision is made to meet that need and progress is carefully monitored through an Individual Education Plan (I.E.P.). At later stages the class teacher and Inclusion Manager

may receive support from outside agencies. Parents are fully consulted and encouraged to actively participate at all stages.


We have a comprehensive Induction plan which runs throughout the summer term prior to the children moving/joining classes in the following September. There are many opportunities for the children to take part in a number of activities including:

For children joining the Nursery we organise ‘Stay and Play’ sessions where parents and children spend time in the Nursery when they are first offered a place.

For children joining the Reception class we organise several story times – an opportunity for the children to join their teacher for half an hour in their classroom for a story and to sing some songs.

Reception Induction Meeting for all reception parents to give up-to-date information on the year ahead. For all other children moving up to their next class we have a ‘meet the teacher’ morning at the end of the summer term. We work closely with our local secondary schools to ensure a positive and effective transition for the children in Year 6 as they move into Year 7 at their new school.


Learning at Beech Hyde

At Beech Hyde we believe in children’s entitlement to a broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated curriculum. We have high expectations and a strong focus on literacy and numeracy. We appreciate that a child’s ability to understand and communicate with others is an important step to success. We aim to nurture concepts and skills in numeracy which enable children to develop their ability to problem solve and investigate. Acquiring scientific knowledge is important, so that children become actively engaged, inspired and curious about the world around them.

We promote enjoyment for learning and encourage children to be independent, reflective learners through the development of thinking skills. Educational visits, workshops, visiting speakers and theatre groups extend opportunities for learning and enhance the curriculum. Getting a clear picture of how each individual learns best is important. Well established procedures are in place to identify and meet children’s individual needs.

Each child’s progress is carefully monitored so that appropriate action can be taken to help any child who might be struggling with a particular area of learning, to provide the more able with appropriate challenge and to help every child fulfil their potential.

Sex Education

Sex education is taught throughout the school both as a discreet subject and as part of the science curriculum. Parents are informed of the contents and can actually watch the video clips at the Parent Information Evening and if they so wish they have the right to withdraw their child.

Opportunities & Responsibilities

Taking on responsibility is part of the Beech Hyde ethos and children have the opportunity to put themselves forward to be voted onto the School Council each year.

The School Council

The School Council helps to make important decisions in school and decides on the focus for charity fundraising. They meet fortnightly with the Deputy Headteacher and report back to their classes, seeking their views. The Eco-Committee is made up of a representative from each class who meet fortnightly to decide on Eco-projects for the school to become involved in.


In Year 2 the children are given the opportunity to be a ‘buddy’ for the new Reception class. They relish the experience of being a guide to the newest children in the school. In fact, these children often remain friends throughout their school career at Beech Hyde.

In Year 5 the children have the opportunity to take on responsibilities in the dining room at lunchtime, assisting other children with their lunch and helping the Mid-day Supervisory Assistants. Being in Year 6 has the added expectation of taking on more whole school duties such as setting up the hall for assemblies and collecting/delivering the class registers.

Partnerships with Parents - Home and School

At Beech Hyde we value and appreciate the important role you have to play in supporting your child and developing a positive attitude to school and learning. We offer a wide range of opportunities for parents to actively participate in supporting their children in school. These include:

Open afternoons

once a term parents are invited into school to have a look around their child’s classroom and to see their work.

Parent/teacher consultations

This is an opportunity to find out how your child is doing in school. These take place in the autumn and spring terms.

Annual School Report

these are sent home at the end of the summer term and they include details of your child’s progress to date together with targets for further progression.

School Newsletter

Each fortnight an electronic school newsletter is sent out to all parents including notices for upcoming events and a summary of events that have taken place that week.

Curriculum Workshops

These are organised on an ad-hoc basis linked to areas that we are focusing on in the School Development Plan. Parent Volunteers support the school in a variety of ways; hearing children read, helping with practical lessons and accompanying classes on school trips.

Class Pages

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