Mission Statement

At Beech Hyde, we value everyone as an individual.

Our supportive, challenging environment places equal importance on academic progress and the nurture of self-belief. We strive to help every child to reach their maximum potential and leave us as well-rounded, life-long learners. To achieve this we: Provide a warm, welcoming environment.  Embrace the diverse social and emotional needs of each child, deliver a broad and enriched curriculum that inspires every learner, develop a spirit of curiosity and actively encourage independent learning, promote the school’s ethos of tolerance, respect and mutual support. And also to trust the children in a wide range of duties to develop a sense of social responsibility


Beech Hyde Code of Conduct

At Beech Hyde we always:

1) Try our best at all times

2) Treat people the way we would like to be treated

3) Are kind, friendly and do not hurt other people's feelings

4) Work together and encourage each other

5) Take care of everyone and everything in our school

We expect all children to learn this code so they can live by our values

Class Pages

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