Year Four

Hello and welcome to year 4!  

Year 4 have been learning how to write newspaper articles as part of their 'Science Fiction' topic in English. They had the opportunity to put their reporter skills to the test when Mrs Harvey discovered mysterious crop circles in the field over half term...




On Tuesday in half term an usual discovering took place at Beech Hyde Primary School in Wheathampstead. Mrs Harvey, the Head Teacher, was giving a tour of the School, accompanied by Mr Lerwill, an Ofsted Inspector and the caretaker Mr Wilding, when they discovered the fascinating crop circles.
These unusual crop circles were encountered on the school field beneath a thick jacket of fog. Mrs Harvey told us "I was amazed that the shapes were a B and a H but I had to keep quiet and pretend that they had always been there so that Mr Lerwill wouldn't alert anyone else!"
The cause of the letters is unknown but there is speculation rising amongst local people that we may have been visited by aliens!



Last week a world changing event happened. At 8.30am on Tuesday in half term Mrs Harvey, Mr Lerwill and Mr Wilding were strolling around the murky field of Beech Hyde by the strong tree when she and Mr Wilding discovered an amazing but mysterious crop circle in the shape of a B and H (the initials of the school). This event happened whilst they were giving Mr Lerwill, an Ofsted inspector, a tour of the school.
Flabergasted, Mrs Harvey was too shocked and amazed to take a photo of these colossal letters, so she carried on with the tour. Mrs Harvey told us "I was fascinated and I don't know who did these letters but I think that they chose us because we are a special community."
Mr Wilding, an eye witness who was with Mrs Harvey at the time, praised Mrs Harvey for keeping a cool head, telling us that she was very professional.
With speculation rising that the crop letters could be left by aliens Mrs Harvey assured us that they were nothing to worry about. Mr Wilding has been told to keep a close eye on the field. If they appear again the council will be called. What do you think caused these letters?



Last week, on the Tuesday of half term under a blanket of thick fog, Mrs Harvey, the Head of Beech Hyde, was giving a tour to Mr Lerwill, an Ofsted Inspector. They were ambling past a big tree in the muddy grounds when Mrs Harvey spotted a mysterious patch which appeared to be curious crop circle letters in the shape of a B and H. 
At 8.30am in the morning, the unsuspecting Head was giving the interesting tour to the Inspector Mr Lerwill. As they entered the field through the swirling mist, a phenomenal vision slowly drifted into Mrs Harvey's gleaming eyes. She saw, looming out of the ghostly gloom, the enchanted letters of B and H laying on the muddy ground.
Ms Harvey felt flabergasted "I really don't know who did it!" she described to us. Soon afterwards, when asked what the Ofsted Inspector Mr Lerwill thought of the phenomenon, she stated that he had not seen them and that she did not want to point them out to him.
The cause of these shapes is unknown, with fascination rising that they could be left from an alien space ship. The primary school does not want to produce panic. Mrs Harvey told us "We think that they chose us because we are a special community." Other theories are that the letters could have been created by tricksters using big chunks of wood or lawnmowers.









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