Year Four

Hello and welcome to year 4!    


Isabel J from Year 4CC has written a wonderfully descriptive short story involving an issue, inspired by our work on Jaqueline Wilson's 'The Suitcase Kid' and 'Cliffhanger'. 


It was a very stormy day. The trees were rustling and leaves were whizzing onto the floor like tornadoes. Everybody was sent inside from the playground. Lonely Izzy, who missed her best friend Zakira, walked down the narrow wet path, her heart pounding with fear. Would the big girls be pushing and shoving her today?


Nervously, Izzy turned the corner and there they were, right at the bottom of the path waiting for her, once again. Out of the shadows came Zakira. Izzy glared at her mysteriously. Was she going to bully her too?


The girls pushed Izzy and she fell into a big muddy puddle, splash! Zakira couldn't stand it anymore. She stepped forwards and told the big girls to back off. Everyone fell silent. Izzy couldn't believe her eyes! Zakira hadn't stood up for her in front of the other girls before. Luckily, the teacher heard and asked what was going on.


Once everything had been explained to the teacher, Zakira ran over to Izzy once the teacher had taken the girls to see the Headmistress. She apologised and said that tomorrow would be the best day in Izzy's life! And it really was. Happily, they went out together and bought soda, ate ice cream and went to the sunny park. Izzy and Zakira were best friends once again.





Year 4 recently went on a school trip to St Albans Verulamium Museum.  Open this document to see what they got up to!

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