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Some of the comments from the children following our recent nature quest trail:

'I was amazed by all the nature and if anyone gets the opportunity to go, I would highly recommend it.' by Freddie

'I loved the day. It was a great adventure and learning experience for all ages.' by Prosper

‚Äč'The bows we made were creative and accurate. The environment and animals were amazing. I had such a great time and I want to go back.' By Hayden M

'It's a wonderful, interesting place, filled with many facts and fun!' by Isabelle' I loved the nature and animals there and the forest was beautiful!' by Sophie

'I loved den-building, using only the nature as our tools.' by Charis 

'I had an amazing tie when I went with the class. It was one of the best days I've ever had and the nature is beautiful.' by Ashton

Camilla Chester, author of 'Jarred Dreams', visited the school last week.  She held some workshops with the KS2 children, which proved to be fun and enjoyable.  Her website is Check it out!

We had our very own book signing as well!

Year 6 residential trip to Kingswood, West Runton, Norfolk

On the 19th September, Year 6 went to Kingswood for a week. It took nearly three hours to get there but we had our lunch on the beach in Cromer. When we arrived, we were greeted by Ben, our group leader, who showed us around Kingswood. Our bedrooms were in a block called Sandringham and the girls dormitories were up stairs and the boys were downstairs.

Team time and swimming were our first activities together, then we split into two groups - A1 and B1. One of our favourite activities was the nightline because we all worked together and enjoyed it very much, though there were very naughty squirrels in A1's group who tickled us and threw pine cones at us. These squirrels were a rare species, called teachers!

On Tuesday night, we did one of our evening activities - KARAOKE! We all joined in and the boys made the girls laugh out loud!

Some of our favourite food was all the jumbo related meals and the delicious soup. One of the most popular desserts was the sponge pudding and custard - hmmm!

It was sad when we had to leave because we had so much fun. On the way back, we were very tired and some of us fell asleep.

By Isabelle and Ellen

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