Year Three

Hello and welcome to year 3!


Year 3 have made their own Aliens as part of our English topic.  We have already used them to inspire a play script between two aliens and they are helping us to write in the third person.  Next time, we are planning to write a science fiction story!


In Computing we are using iPads to film dance sequences.  We have taken long and mid-range shots, now we are trying to take close up footage of the action.

Summer Term

23 March 2017

In the summer term, Year 3 will be covering another exciting range of topics!

In Maths we will be extending our understanding of place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, as well as solving measure, time and shape problems. In English we will be tackling fiction and non-fiction reading and writing through the themes of ‘Chocolate’ and ‘Super-heroes’.

Please see below for more details of the Year 3 summer term curriculum:

Science: ‘Rocks’ and ‘Animals including Humans’

Computers: ‘We are Opinion Pollsters’

History: ‘Ancient Egypt’

Geography: ‘What’s in a Region?’ (UK regions)

Art: ‘Can We Change Places’ (sculpture)

DT: ‘Packages’ (structures)

Music: ‘Ancient Worlds’ and ‘Buildings’

PE: Swimming, Games & Athletics

PSHE: ‘Dear Diary’ and ‘Joining In and Joining Up’ (responsibility and my community)

RE: Christianity and Islam

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