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School Closure

During the time when our school is closed we will be updating this page with information and ideas for activities that you can do at home.  We will also share information about activities and daily ideas on our school Twitter account.

The latest information from the government can be found at the following link:

The government have also provided advice for parents / carers on supporting children's mental health during this period.


BBC Bitesize​​​​​​ - Daily lessons starting on Monday 20th April or  @bbcbitesize

Oak National Academy - Free online lessons and resources or @OakNational


Hello from the Beech Hyde staff                                                    Penguin video from Beech Hyde staff

International Children’s Book Day video                                      Beech Hyde Staff present...Show Us

Beech Hyde Bear Hunt                                                                                            Beech Hyde Paper Trail!

The Beech Hyde Flower Show                                                                           Hearts and Rainbows


Week 1 1st May

Show Us 2 - 8th May

Show Us 3 - 15th May

Show us 4 - 22nd May


We recognise that, particularly during this time, the mental health and well-being of our children is of vital importance. At Beech Hyde, we regularly talk about this with the children and often refer to the Feeling Good 5. Find the 'Five Ways to Wellbeing' and a couple of PSHE lessons at the bottom of the page - they may give you some ideas to use at home - both for children and parents.

Mental Health Awareness Week resources can be found below to download:

Acts of Kindness bingo

Five Ways to Wellbeing

Primary Wellbeing Challenges 2020

Mindful Monday - mindfulness colouring

Thinking of others Thursday - thinking of others

Friendship Friday - It's good to talk


Keeping active during this time is really important.

Start each day with 'PE with Joe' which is available Monday to Friday at 9am on YouTube - The Body Coach TV.

Table Tennis England has launched a series of videos to provide activities to keep children active while they are at home. They are a nice and easy way for them to be challenged to try something new!

Change for Life  @Change4Life

Get Set 4 PE  @GetSet4PE

Boogie Beebies

Disney 10 minute shakeups

Super Movers


The i movement

The Daily Mile at Home - an easy and fun way to keep fit and maintain good health and wellbeing for you and your children.  Find information and fun challenges for the whole family. 

Mr Drake's PE challenges (see below for download).


Lots of authors are reading their stories and sharing them online.  Reading and listening to stories is a great activity to do together.

Listen to one of David Walliams' World's Worst Children stories every day at 11 o'clock.

Oliver Jeffers - Stay At Home Story Time.


Camilla Chester is reading a chapter a day of her novel, Thirteenth Wish

First News  - a great way for children to keep up to date with news events in the UK and around the world, in an engaging but not scary or overwhelming way.

Authorfy    For a daily dose of creativity and fun, check out our '10 Minute Challenges', which are set by bestselling authors and illustrators - we add a new challenge to this page every single day!

Hertfordshire Libraries Borrow Box

Beech Hyde staff have chosen their favourite children's books - International Children’s Book Day video

Book Scavenger Hunt (see download below).

Pie Corbett's Talk for Writing April newsletter

Book Trust Home Time

RAF Museum - keep learning in lockdown - read a short story commemorating the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain.

Shakespeare Week resources - fun activities for anyone looking for home learning inspiration.

National Literacy Trust Family Zone - free activities and ideas to keep your child busy at home, whilst also benefiting their reading, writing and language development.

Queen Mother's Hand Writing Awards

J.K.Rowling - The Ickabog


Times Table Rock Stars Visit and log in with your details.

Herts for Learning Primary Maths @Hertsmaths

Third Space Learning - resources, games, information for parents

Fluent In Five - daily arithmetic practise - see downloads below


This is also a great opportunity to be creative.

Children's illustrator Steven Lenton has a series of videos to draw along with. 

Take part in the 30 day LEGO challenge (see below).  What can you create? 

Herts Libraries @HertsLibraries  are setting daily creative challenges for you to try.    

Mrs Dalloway has provided some links for her pupils to have a look at:    intro    musical maths    composing    wordsearch    students grade one and above

Hertfordshire Music Service (HMS) is pleased to announce that existing pupils can now continue their instrumental and vocal lessons online with our fantastic team of teachers. The recording of the webinar with full details of HMS online lessons is available at

The development of a brand new partnership with, an online learning platform specifically designed for delivering music lessons will mean pupils continue to receive excellent music tuition whilst school restrictions are in place due to COVID-19.

Perform At Home -

Online drama classes for Reception to Year 6 children. These are 30 minute interactive sessions led by our Perform teachers in small groups featuring singing, dancing, storytelling and drama.  Currently offering a FREE TRIAL SESSION for any interested child, exploring Peter Pan with KS1 and The Greatest Showman with KS2.  For further information, call 0207 255 9120, email us on or visit our website


The de Havilland Aircraft Museum are sharing some of their STEM offerings by uploading short, easy-to-digest videos to help teach and inspire. The first one shows you how to make a volcano. 

The WWF have launched their #LearnToLoveNature campaign, which provides inspiring and enriching content for families and young people to access and use independently from home. 

The Hertfordshire and Middlesex Wildlife Trust have launched #WildAtHome - ideas and inspiration on how to stay wild whilst remaining safe at home.  Have a look at their website.

Science Sparks - making science fun for kids.

National Children's Gardening Week - Together, we help children grow.


Language Angels

High Five French - Year 3 Lessons 1 to 3, Year 4 Lessons 1-5, Year 5 Lessons 1-7, Year 6 Lessons 1-10


Rev Banham and St Helen's Church have created a number of bible story resources: The Great Parade, An Important Meal, Easter Sunday, Doubting Thomas, On the road to Emmaus, The Good Samaritan, Breakfast on the Beach, The Wise and Foolish Builders, The Lost Coin, Pentecost. (see below). 


Hungry Little Minds - simple, fun activities for kinds, from newborn to five.

BBC Tiny Happy People - here to help you develop your child's communication skills.

National Literacy Trust Family Zone - free activities and ideas to keep your child busy at home, whilst also benefiting their reading, writing and language development.

Science Sparks - Early Years Science


During the time when schools are closed, children will be spending more time on online and it is vital that they access these activities safely and appropriately and keep themselves safe on line.  The following links may provide information for parents and activities to do with your children.

Think U Know home activity packs

INEQE Safeguarding Hub

INEQE Password Creator Pack

Childnet - parent and carers toolkit

Internet Matters - helping parents keep their children safe online

Please find below leaflets about using Zoom, Netflix, Google Stadia, PS4.


This can be a tricky time for both parents and children.  As well as providing ideas for activities we will also include information and advice for parents which you might find useful.

StarLine – a new home learning telephone helpline - is now live to support parents and carers nationwide.  StarLine is available to parents and carers of pupils from all schools nationwide. Free, confidential advice is available six days a week by phoning the StarLine team on 0330 313 9162. For more information, visit or follow @StarLineSupport on Twitter.

Please find the following information below:

Principles for home learning

Parent guidance on home learning 22.4.20

Managing the transition to home schooling

Five Ways to Wellbeing

Advice for parent when child is unwell or injured

The Positive Mind posters - Resilient Tortoise, Independent Rhino, Risk-taking Penguin, Reflective Owl, Team Bee, Curious and Creative Chameleon

Year 6 parents - transition workshop

NHS updated information for children and young people


Please find the following information to download below:

ISL Contact Line

Advice from the Communication and Autism team

Information from ADD-VANCE (The Add-vance ADHD and Autism Trust)

Local Offer Services for SEND

May edition of SEND News - the monthly newsletter to all Hertfordshire parents with children or an interest in SEND.  
CAMHS has put together information, support resources and activities for families during school closure.
  1. Reception book list
  2. year 1 book list
  3. year 2 book list
  4. year 3 book list
  5. year 4 book list
  6. year 5 book list
  7. year 6 book list
  8. Book Scavenger Hunt
  9. lego 30 day challenge
  10. isl contactline
  11. Communication and autism team advice line
  12. Add-vance - ADHD & Autism Trust
  13. managing the transition to home-schooling
  14. Local offer services for SEND
  15. Principles for Home Learning
  16. PSHEE 23 March Primary School
  17. PSHEE 30 March Primary School
  18. Online Safety Newsletter Summer 2020
  19. Bible story - The Great Parade
  20. Bible story - An Important Meal
  21. Bible story - Easter Sunday
  22. Bible story - Doubting Thomas
  23. Bible story - On the Road to Emmaus
  24. Bible story - The Good Samaritan
  25. Bible story - Breakfast on the Beach
  26. Bible story - Wise and Foolish Builders
  27. Bible Story - The Lost Coin
  28. Talk for Writing Reception Unit
  29. Talk for Writing Y1 Unit
  30. Talk for Writing Y2 Unit
  31. Talk for Writing Y3 Unit
  32. Talk for Writing Y4 Unit
  33. Talk for Writing Y5 Unit
  34. Talk for Writing Y6 Unit
  35. English Glossary
  36. Maths Glossary
  37. BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons Primary
  38. parent guidance on home learning 22.04.20
  39. Foodbank leaflet - Support For All
  40. online phonics lessons
  41. Grammar and Punctuation Y1 & 2
  42. Grammar and Punctuation Y3, Y4, Y5 & Y6
  43. T4W Reception Set 2
  44. T4W Yr 1 Set 2
  45. T4W Yr 2 Set 2
  46. T4W Yr 3 Set 2
  47. T4W Yr 4 Set 2
  48. T4W Yr 5 Set 2
  49. T4W Yr 6 Set 2
  50. Advice for parents when child unwell or injured
  51. Childline Flier
  52. google stadia leaflet
  53. netflix leaflet
  54. zoom leaflet
  55. Coronavirus - A Book for Children
  56. Fluent in Five - Year 1 - Week 1
  57. Fluent in Five - Year 2 - Week 1
  58. Fluent in Five - Year 3 - Week 1
  59. Fluent in Five - Year 4 - Week 1
  60. Fluent in Five - Year 5 - Week 1
  61. Fluent in Five - Year 6 - Week 1
  62. Queen Mother's Hand Writing Awards - Schedule 2020
  63. Y1 Activity Booklet
  64. Y1 Activity Booklet - Answers
  65. Y2 Activity Booklet
  66. Y2 Activity Booklet - Answers
  67. Y3 Activity Booklet
  68. Y3 Activity Booklet - Answers
  69. Y4 Activity Booklet
  70. Y4 Activity Booklet - Answers
  71. Y5 Activity Booklet
  72. Y5 Activity Booklet - Answers
  73. Y6 Activity Booklet
  74. Y6 Activity Booklet - Answers
  75. Kindness calendar
  76. Power of kindness calendar supporting-activities-for-learners-7-11
  77. PE Challenge 1
  78. Fluent in Five - Year 1 - Week 2
  79. Fluent in Five - Year 2 - Week 2
  80. Fluent in Five - Year 3 - Week 2
  81. Fluent in Five - Year 4 - Week 2
  82. Fluent in Five - Year 5 - Week 2
  83. Fluent in Five - Year 6 - Week 2
  84. Resilient Tortoise poster
  85. Independent Rhino poster
  86. Risk-taking Penguin poster
  87. Reflective Owl poster
  88. Team Bee poster
  89. Curious and Creative Chameleon poster
  90. Five ways to wellbeing
  91. Acts of kindness bingo
  92. Primary Wellbeing Challenges 2020
  93. Mindful Monday - mindfulness colouring
  94. Thinking Of Others Thursday - thinking of others
  95. Friendship Friday - It's good to talk
  96. PE Challenge 2
  97. Fluent in Five - Year 1 - Week 3
  98. Fluent in Five - Year 2 - Week 3
  99. Fluent in Five - Year 3 - Week 3
  100. Fluent in Five - Year 4 - Week 3
  101. Fluent in Five - Year 5 - Week 3
  102. Fluent in Five - Year 6 - Week 3
  103. Yr 3 Ancient Britain French Pupil Vocabulary List
  104. Yr 4 The Romans French Pupil Vocabulary Sheet
  105. Yr 5 Do you have a pet? French Pupil Vocabulary Sheet
  106. Yr 6 WW2 French Pupil Vocabulary Sheet
  107. T4W Set 3 - Reception-Mouse
  108. T4W Set 3 - Y1-Sayeeda
  109. T4W Set 3 - Y2-Rainbows
  110. T4W Set 3 - Y3-Jungle
  111. T4W Set 3 - Y4-Mission
  112. T4W Set 3 - Y5-One-Chance
  113. T4W Set 3 - Y6-Gadgets
  114. 14 ways to be kind online
  115. PE Challenge 3
  116. Year 6 parents - transition workshop 2020
  117. PS4 leaflet
  118. NHS Updated information for children and young people
  119. Bible story - Pentecost
  120. Fluent in Five - Year 1 - Week 4
  121. Fluent in Five - Year 2 - Week 4
  122. Fluent in Five - Year 3 - Week 4
  123. Fluent in Five - Year 4 - Week 4
  124. Fluent in Five - Year 5 - Week 4
  125. Fluent in Five - Year 6 - Week 4