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Assessment and Reporting

At Beech Hyde we regularly assess our pupils attainment in order to check on their progress and to see if there is any need for intervention. This can be through; teacher assessment of class work, formative testing or assessment for learning during lesson time. 

We offer two parent/teacher consultations throughout the year. We would very much encourage you to attend the consultation as it is through partnership that we achieve the very best for our children. We report on your child's progress via a written report at the end of the year. This includes attainment and effort grades, comments on their progress in the core subjects and, most importantly, a summary of their development and a celebration of their life at school.

In line with national expectations, pupils are given a level based on their progress through the curriculum. We let parents/cares know if their child is progressing against national curriculum standards in Reading, Writing and Mathematics, and in Science and the foundation subjects.

Standard Abbreviation  Description
Working at Greater Depth GDS Pupil is producing independent work that goes beyond that expected for their age and stage
Working at age related expected EXS Pupil is working and producing independent work at that expected for their age and stage
Working Towards age related expectations WTS Pupil is producing work that is below that expected for their age and stage
Working Pre-key stage PRE Pupil is producing work significantly below that expected for their age and stage