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It's a beautiful thing when you wear a uniform that represents a group of people..... it symbolises oneness, togetherness.

Nia Long

A uniform binds us together as a community. Pupils at Beech Hyde are proud to wear the uniform that represents their school and visitors often comment on how well our pupils are presented. We expect all pupils to wear school uniform at all times. Please ensure that all items of clothing are clearly labelled with the child’s name.

A link to School Trends, the school's supplier, can be found here.

The BHA has a second-hand uniform that can be loaned/ given to parents. It is stored in a 'Take and Donate' unit in the main entrance. If you need an item, please come and take what you need.

*Please note, in line with new government guidance, purchasing uniform with the Beech Hyde logo is optional. Plain red items are permitted. 

  • Grey tailored trousers OR Grey knee-length shorts OR Grey skirt/pinafore dress (These should be school items rather than fashion clothing)
  • Red buttoned polo shirt with Beech Hyde logo*
  • Red buttoned jumper, cardigan or Hoodie with Beech Hyde logo*
  • Grey, white or red socks/ tights
  • Summer only - Summer dress/playsuit in small red gingham check

PE Uniform

  • Red polo shirt or T-shirt
  • Black shorts
  • Plimsolls (for indoor PE)
  • Trainers (for outdoor PE) (Football boots are permitted during the winter)
  • School Tracksuits for the winter (alternatively plain grey or red tracksuits are allowed)
  • PE kit should be kept in a labelled bag with a separate bag for shoes

Others branded items - fleeces, hats, hoodie, jackets, bags and more are available from School Trends. These are all optional. 


All pupils need at least 3 pairs of schools in school everyday:

  • Outdoor Shoes - All pupils are expected to wear smart black shoes which are to be worn to and from school (and for school events etc) which are outdoor shoes (Ugg type boots, ankle boots and trainers are not suitable).
  • Indoor Shoes - All pupils are expected to wear indoor footwear – ideally black plimsolls or black soft shoes (Converse, Vans and slippers are not suitable).
  • Trainers - As part of PE kit, trainers should be in school everyday for wet/muddy weather and to complete the daily mile. 


For Health and Safety reasons children should not wear jewellery, and must only wear stud earrings to school.

It is a Hertfordshire County Council Health & Safety ruling that children should not wear earrings during PE and Games. Children who wear earrings are required to remove them during PE and Games.


Extreme hairstyles are not to be worn in school. Distinctively styled hair, designs shaved into hair, hair dyed unnatural colours and shaved heads have all proven to be a distraction to learning.

Long hair should be tied back for school and especially for PE. Hairbands/clips should be grey, red or black.


Every child (from Year 1 upwards) should have an old shirt or a large overall to be worn during art/craft lessons.

This code has been formulated within the guidelines of ensuring compliance with a schools obligations under the Human Rights Act 1998 and the Equality Act 2010. Due consideration has been paid to the Department of Education statutory guidance on providing multiple and affordable uniform options, found here Education (Guidance about Costs of School Uniforms) Act 2021. If there is any family who would like assistance with basic uniform items, please contact the school office or your child's class teacher.