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Year Three

Hello and welcome to Year 3.

Well done to Year 3 and 4 for a wonderful 'Around the World' Harvest Assembly.

Year 4 shared how harvest is celebrated around the world and Year 3 read some fantastic Harvest acrostic poems, as well as showing some beautiful art work of different fruit and vegetables.

The Harvest Samba song transported the audience to South America, involving all the children either singing, playing an instrument or dancing the Samba! Finally, the celebration ended with the Song Harvest for the World.

Thank you to all the parents for attending and for all the food that has been generously donated for St Albans foodbank and to Mrs Foster, a former parent, who kindly baked some wonderful bread for our display.

The Year 3 class at Beech Hyde Primary School and Nursery have swimming lessons at Westminster Lodge. Everyone is making such good progress with their strokes and stamina, we are so proud. We have learnt about water safety and also how to have fun! Here we are making a whole class train in our end of term session.

At the start of our Forces topic we learnt about pushing pedals on bikes, balancing on beams and pulling ourselves up on the play equipment.


Year 3 performed their Harvest festival in October. We joined Year 4 for an unforgettable performance and enjoyed the loud applause and positive comments from our supportive audience.

We loved our day at Nomansland. We made dens and learnt about the history of our local woodland.

 In Art and Design Year 3 have been studying the artist Van Gogh, particularly focussing on his work 'Starry Night'.  The children worked collaboratively to create their own beautiful interpretation of this famous piece. Please come and see the finished artwork in the main hall.

As part of our History topic Year 3 travelled back in time (through a worm hole round the back of Hertford) and experienced a day in Stone Age England with Owen our expert guide. We learnt how to trade goods, build shelters, knap arrowheads, forage for forest foods and slay a mammoth! It was an amazing day that was much enjoyed by all.